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Bow presents: The Last Style Bender


Bow Fighters presents Israel Adesanya: Support Israel in pursuit of his UFC contracts. Share the love, share the clip.
A fighter for the Next Generation. Join the Next Generation #BowFighters

Fighters Mind - Uriah Hall - Episode


Following and unbelievable knockout of Gegard Mousasi at UFC Japan, BOW gets inside the headspace of Uriah Hall heading into UFC 193 in Melbourne Australia.


FIGHTERS MIND - Ep 3 - Hector Halenzulea

Meet the original Mexican Bow Fighters - Hector Halenzulea.

FIGHTERS MIND - Ep 2 - Israel Adysanya


Israel Adesanya is our second fighter to be profiled. While he is New Zealands first Glory kickboxing signed fighter. He currently holds Boxing, kickboxing and MMA titles. A gifted athlete with a great mind. #BowFighters

Bow Fighters Present - Episode 2

Fighters Mind - Israel Adysanya 

Bow looks to tell the story of the Next Generation
Generation of Martial artist.

FIGHTERS MIND - Ep 1 - Jake Lund

Jake Lund is a professional Mauy Thai fighter out of Brisbane, Australia. A young kid full of talent and one to watch.

Bow Fighters Present - Israel Adysanya


Israel Adesanya is New Zealands first Glory kickboxing signed fighter. A fighter for the Next Generation. Join the Next Generation #BowFighters


Bow Fighters on Asia Sports Network


We've had a great write-up by our friends over at Asia Sports Network!

They got to the heart of what we want Bow Fighters to be all about

That is why I find one particular brand that has recently caught my attention, Bow Fighters, particularly refreshing. Originating from Brisbane, Australia, the brand takes its inspiration from the spirit and values of martial arts, rather than fear or superiority than many other brands play on.

Bow Fighters’ line of clothing has much more of a happy, playful, relaxed nature to them, reflecting the fact that MMA is now becoming more of a mainstream ‘lifestyle’ than a sport reserved for a niche audience. Think Billabong, just deadlier.

Head over to read the article and let them know what you think!



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